Bio Save By Booking is a marketplace that lets you participate in ethical purchasing group for high-quality organic food produced with a sustainable supply chain.
If you are looking for particular organic items which not available in regular grocery stores, you are willing to spend a fair price for a selected product and you are comfortable with buying from home, Bio Save By Booking is the perfect solution for your needs!
You can finally interface directly with organic food producers, getting around the distribution chain which includes wholesalers and selling points as intermediaries.
Each producer will honestly and understandably show you how the products are cultivated, will guarantee the organic origin of the cultivation and will highlight all the steps from his field to your table.
The products you are going to buy will be shipped directly at your home via specialized couriers, and Bio Save By Booking will be monitoring the whole process to make sure the expected timings are met.
This is the Bio Save By Booking's mission, the site focused on ethical purchasing groups in the organic food industry: to select the best italian organic products and record their production processes in a precise and reliable way.